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Gabriela Martins is a Brazilian author of contemporary and light fantasy. She's a proud cat-mom of two, a language coach and teacher, and in her free time, she likes to get emotional about '00s music, superheroes, and food.

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KEEP FAITH (2019, self-published)

Short story: How Not To Die (Again)

Keep faith, in the broad sense of the word. It doesn't have to be a religion, unless you want it to be. It doesn't have to speak about the universe, unless you want it to. It doesn't have to be about anyone but yourself. Keep faith, in other planets and other houses; be it in the face of danger, grief, or while you spread your arms and laugh. Keep faith the same way you keep hope, bright and shiny, ever present. Keep faith in all your queer, beautiful self. Because you deserve it.

This is an anthology of 14 short stories, by 14 queer authors, where faith and queerness intersect. Incidental, purposeful, we-exist-and-that's-why queerness. And faith meaning whatever you want it to mean.

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CANTIGAS NO ESCURO (2018, self-published)

Short story: Escamas de Espinhos

Ciranda cirandinha, vamos todos cirandar
Vamos dar a meia volta
Volta e meia vamos dar

Cantigas no Escuro é uma coletânea que reúne seis autoras brasileiras de literatura young adult fazendo uma releitura de cantigas de infância. Ambientada nos tempos atuais, as origens sombrias e fantásticas dos contos de fada são relembradas em contos recheados com as figuras que ambientam o imaginário popular.

Entre plantações de batatas, fantasmas esquecidos, corpos-secos e um anjo solitário, descubra um novo mundo que vai além da ciranda, cirandinha.

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A HEART WELL TRAVELED V.2 (2017, Sapphire Books)

Short story: Who's Afraid of The Pinky Fairy?

Each unique short story in this supernatural anthology will transport you to a magical interpretation of romance as authors bring to life, uncommon love affairs and out of the ordinary long distance relationships. Escape into the realms of eroticism, fan fiction fables, intergalactic intimacies, lunar love, mythical fantasy, and past lives revisited.

Is it fate, is it destiny or is it one of those defining moments where the universe comes to a screeching halt as an epic love appears? 

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  • ARCH-NEMESIS (2018) Gumroad

  • MIDDLE OF THE ROAD (2018) Gumroad


  • MANUELA E A ABÓBORA GIGANTE (2017) Revista Pólen

  • BRAZILIANS AREN'T OBJECTS & others essays (2016) Femsplain/Aloe

  • 50 TONS (COLORIDOS) DE AMOR & others essays (2014) Revista Capitolina

  • É UMA QUESTÃO DE SOBREVIVÊNCIAHistórias de Trabalho. (2013) Editora da Cidade



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